Pledging to be Veg

going veg

A couple of days ago an email appeared in my in-box inviting me to take the Veg Week Challenge. Among the many invitations I get to challenge myself in various ways, not least by doling out money for some dubious benefit, this one actually caught my attention. You might think I'm already challenged enough with the Alternate Day Fasting Diet and all, but the reasons put forward for taking this one … [Read More...]

going veg

Pledging to be Veg

A couple of days ago an email appeared in my in-box inviting me to take the Veg Week Challenge. Among the many invitations I get to challenge myself in various ways, not least by doling out money for some dubious benefit, this one actually caught my attention. You might think I’m already challenged enough with… 

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alternate day fasting diet

Fasting & Feasting Week 4

How can we be at Week 4 of the Alternate Day Fasting Diet already and still I’m not being mistaken for Angelina Jolie? Must have lost too much weight off the lips. Fortunately some has come off the hips too, around half a kilo this week, which is satisfying (in a very unsatisfying way if… 

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diet collage

Fasting & Feasting Week 3

Week 3 of the Alternate Day Fasting Diet down and I could almost get used to this (says she from the comfortable complacency of a feast day). Despite a massive mid-week blow-out Mexican style (which thankfully coincided with a feast day) I’ve still lost another kilo and what’s more surprising maintained my sanity, such as… 

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maiz and mezcal

A Taste of Mexico

It’s been a long time since I ate at a Mexican restaurant, so when I received an invitation to join a group of food bloggers and media types at a dinner at Maiz and Mezcal, a local Adelaide restaurant, I was keen to try out some south of the border cuisine again. The dinner was… 

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alternate day diet

Fasting and Feasting Week 2

Another week done and another kilogram down. Week 2 hasn’t all been plain sailing, as there have been moments when I could have chewed my own arm off I was so hungry, but I’ve hung in there and all limbs remain intact.

pear and almond tart

Almond and Pear Tart surprise

Like me you’re probably wary of recipes with the word “surprise” in the title. There’s no guarantee the surprise will be a pleasant one. This one though is different in that the surprise ingredient is defined by its absence. It’s a tart with no pastry. Which might seem as pointless as a pub with no… 

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alternate day fast diet

Fasting and Feasting Week 1

Fasting is arguably the antithesis of what this blog’s about, but I hope you’ll bear with me as I embark on the AFD (Alternate Day Fasting Diet). I won’t bother to regale you with stories, recipes and photos of the fast days, for obvious reasons, but there’s at least some potential for interesting food ideas… 

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spring resolutions

New Spring Resolutions

Making resolutions to turn over some new leaves just because it’s spring is about as predictable and potentially futile as doing it because it’s a new year. However there’s a sense of reinvigoration that comes with spring (all that blossoming, budding and blooming) which, for me, triggers some serious self-incentivisation (if it’s not a word,… 

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beetroot and other vegs

Beautiful Beetroot

It’s taken me a long time to appreciate the finer qualities of  beetroot.  In the naivety of youth I didn’t know any version other than the metallic tasting, vinegary tinned variety existed. Gloops of it slapped on top of iceberg lettuce didn’t add much to a salad, other than the colour purple. Wedged inside a burger with… 

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The Last of the Lemons

They’re not an endangered species, don’t worry. It’s our backyard lemons that are on their last gasp, their stocks having been finally depleted by my constant inroads.  There are actually still a few left on one of them, however HWMBF has instructed me to leave them there “because they look nice”. What’s he thinking  ……. 

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food sa

On the Road Again with Food SA

A couple of months ago I wrote about a day out with Food SA, visiting some of the winners of last year’s Food Industry Awards.  I enjoyed it so much I hopped on the Food SA bus again recently to check out some more examples of South Australia’s thriving food industry.  Read on to find… 

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power bars

The Power of Suggestion

When I came across a recipe for almond power bars a year or so ago, the idea of getting an instant power fix from a yummy snack was too good to resist. Of course at the time I was deserving of an energy fix, walking religiously every day and approaching some semblance of fitness. Things… 

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gourmet magazine

Remembrance of Things Gourmet

Earlier this year I was given a collection of old Gourmet magazines, dating back to the 70s and 80s. Browsing through them is like stepping back in time. Although it’s a past not that far distant, it’s another age in terms of culinary culture. It was a time when people clearly had more time, longer… 

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greatest cookbook

The Greatest Cookbook Ever?

In today’s food obsessed culture, when new cookbooks hit the shelves faster than we can whip up dinner, claiming any one cookbook is the greatest ever is audacious to say the least. That such an accolade should be awarded to a book written by a Frenchman who died in 1955, is likely to come as… 

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My Passion for Peanuts

The humble peanut may seem an unlikely object of passion. And “passion” could be overstating what is actually more of an addiction. Either way, I confess if asked on my way to the electric chair what I’d prefer for my last taste of food on earth, I’d go for peanuts. No need for prison catering… 

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why i write

Why I Write

One of the best aspects of the Grad Certificate in Food Writing I recently completed was getting to know my fellow students, all of whom are as passionate about food and writing as I am. Tara Mathews is one of them and she recently invited me to take part in a blog hop. For the uninitiated… 

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barossa pudding

Barossa Pudding

Not long after returning from our Barossa weekend, I was loitering in the kitchen when my eye was caught by some plumply golden pears in the fruit bowl. They were vibrating with an unmistakeable “eat us now” urgency. Like Julius Caesar’s tide, the fortune of a perfectly ripe pear must be seized at the flood, or… 

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